Adventures in Utrecht

Bike through the city of Utrecht, and immerse yourself in the stories of the locals who love to drink a beer together.

Let’s bike through the city of Utrecht

It’s a real cyclists’ paradise! In 2022, this city is even named the most bike-friendly city in the world. In total 51% of the population (approx. 400.000 people) cycles in this city. For Dutchies, cycling is a way of transportation and in Utrecht are over 245 kilometers of cycling lanes and 18 kilometers of streets are exclusively for cyclists. Therefore, the high quality of the infrastructure makes cycling even more appealing.

Visit various local breweries and immerse yourself in their stories

Local breweries are booming in Utrecht. The breweries are located on the outskirts of the city, and the closer to the center, the more tasting rooms you will find. Immerse yourself in the stories about the creation of the brewers. How did it al started? Why did they choose to serve you this particular beer? Let’s really connect with the breweries and understand what makes them special.

Savor the unique beers crafted in the region

What’s cycling to a local brewery without tasting the beers? At every stop we serve you a beer, which could be also a non-alcoholic one if you prefer (nowadays they are surprisingly good!). Explore the different styles and the different flavors which make these beers unique.

Bike like a Dutchie

Between the different stops we hop on and off our bike. This is how we roll. Although you might slowly feel the beers and doubting whether this was a good idea or not, let’s focus on cycling to the next stop. And keep and eye out of the rest of the (busy) traffic.

Local flavor, lasting memories

Immerse yourself in local life and create new stories you will never forget!
Feel the buzz you get when cycling in a city is completely normal. Elevate your weekends with a Bike and Brew Adventure that promises excitement, discovery, and plenty of delicious brews.
Join us and experience the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and culinary delight.

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